Today, franchise (commercial concession) is the most popular business scaling system. It is based on a trademark since it makes possible the individualization of the franchise owner. Franchising requires a detailed study of all the design and legal aspects of the project because they to a greater extent provide brand awareness, control over franchisees and the possibility of profit in the form of royalties. We provide design and legal services necessary for the implementation and development of your business according to the franchise model. The price for the service is based on:

The service includes design, marketing, legal support, development, and promotion of web-resources, preparation of internal documentation, participation of our specialists in negotiations, in the elaboration of development strategies, analysis of transactions, the development of a business image, patenting, etc. based on the type of project and selected terms of cooperation.


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The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation decided to complicate the protection of intellectual rights that a brand is not subject to registration if it can be taken as a designation of a certain type of goods.

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation introduced uncertainty into the legal practice of registering trademarks, deciding that Rospatent may refuse to register if, in the opinion of the expert of the Federal Institute for Industrial Property, the designation indicated can be perceived as a type of goods.

The Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has prepared new explanations of the application practice of the provisions of the fourth part of the Civil Code for the courts.

The resolution clarifies the procedure for determining jurisdiction of disputes arising from the fourth part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the procedure for resolving disputes arising from agreements referred to in this part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and explains the procedure for resolving disputes related to the protection of intellectual property rights and other issues relating to copyright and intellectual property.

A trademark becomes a panacea for unscrupulous competitors on the Internet.

The use of keywords (phrases) identical or confusingly similar to another person’s means of personalization, taking into account the purpose of such use, by an advertiser in a contextual advertisement on the Internet as a criterion for its displaying can be recognized as an act of unfair competition.